By completing transactions on IIGOODII.COM you agree to our terms & conditions that there are no refunds or returns on digital products downloaded.

If an item has not been shipped, PayPal will reimburse the full purchase price and shipping charges.
However if the goods has been shipped, the Buyer must contact the IIGOODII.COM and return the goods quickly and undamaged before the money is refunded.

All returns must be in the condition it was received.
All returns must have the original tags, in the original package and have a copy of the original invoice.
Please keep in mind that we do not accept personal items or body jewellery.

All Returns must be paid by the customer.
Returns exempt gift cards purchases.
All products are sold “as is”.
Refund exempt e-books, photographs and gift cards.

Accounts are carefully reviewed before shipping.
All products shipped or returned are recorded and documented to avoid fraud.

If you have any question, send us your message on PayPal or contact: Call/Text: 226-224-4935

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